Barbarisi & Associati


The chartered accountants firm BARBARISI & ASSOCIATI - STUDIO BARBARISI DA DALTO PRETTO, in partnership with SUMMA S.R.L., have always been committed to identifying and implementing investments and internal transformations that represent first-rate service for their clients.
This is achieved by analysing the context of the organisation itself together with the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. The result assures the physical and moral wellbeing of staff, provides working conditions that respect individual dignity, and safe, healthy work environments that comply fully with current legislation.

The organisation pays close attention to current economic and technological trends, and for this reason implements ongoing strategic and organisational updates which maintain, and potentially improve, levels of customer satisfaction – standards which the firm’s and Summa’s clients have come to expect. Careful management of the changes implemented also ensures adequate accident prevention and a suitable and safe working environment, which is fully compliant with current legislation, and maintains, and indeed improves, the health and safety of its staff.

For this reason it was considered appropriate to introduce a management system based on the basic elements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, and combine them with the management of health and safety at work requirements as set out in the UNI ISO 45001 standard.

This integrated system has been developed by the firm and Summa as an element to be integrated into processes. Consequently, it should not be seen merely as a set of bureaucratic rules and obligations, but the culmination of a dialogue based on client expectations and what the firm is able to offer, and technical and organisational decisions and needs of the staff.

The organisation determines and addresses the risks and opportunities that can affect the compliance of products and services and the capacity to increase customer satisfaction, which is considered a priority by the Management.

Quality and Health and Safety at Work must be perceived and understood as being transversal functions across the whole organisation, and the Management and the Employer undertake to spread the culture of Quality, along with Occupational Health and Safety as an organisational and strategic vehicle.

All personnel are responsible for ensuring, within the sphere of their responsibilities, that corporate and social activities are conducted in compliance with the provisions of the Integrated Manual, the monitoring plans developed, and Procedures and Operating Instructions.

The Management and the Employer have the unwavering desire to increase in-company training and mentoring with the aim of enhancing their human resources by developing risk awareness and promoting responsible behaviour on the part of all staff. Furthermore, the company has made available on line all integrated system documents, administered by the Systems Manager, to ensure all staff have access to the necessary models and procedures, as well as this Policy.

The Employer, Managers, Workers, the Health and Safety officer and Company Physician, all contribute to the process of risk prevention and health and safety protection for themselves, their colleagues, and third parties.
Suppliers are made aware that they too are involved in this prevention process.